About Us


The name “Bacaanda” comes from the local Zapotec Indian word for “dream”. The goal of the Bacaanda Foundation, (known in Mexico as El Sueño Zapoteco, literally “the Zapotec Dream”) is to empower rural communities to turn dreams for a better future into reality. Our programs are designed to help local indigenous and Mestizo communities succeed on their own. We work in partnership with community leaders to create an environment where families can thrive.

Our area of focus is the State of Oaxaca, on Mexico’s southern Pacific coast. Oaxaca is Mexico’s second poorest state, with 76% of the population living below the poverty line and many unable to access education due to the isolation of their rural communities. A significant part of the population is indigenous and it is among these groups that the deepest levels of economic and educational marginalization prevail.

Some highlights of our accomplishments to date:

  • Construction of 2 regional dental clinics to serve rural communities previously without dental care. Thousands of children and adults have received free or low cost services. A third is in the planning stages.
  • Construction of 12 rural schools, with 5 more currently under construction.
  • Building or expansion of living quarters for 31 rural school teachers.
  • Construction of two teacher training classrooms and a library at the CONAFE regional teacher’s center.
  • Delivery of satellite internet to the CONAFE regional teacher training center and a donation of 8 new computers. Previously the center had no internet and teachers could not access the wealth of educational content available on line.
  • Annual donation of teacher supply packs to over 80 schools.
  • Annual donation of more than 700 student supply packs to provide basic supplies to students whose families cannot afford them.
  • Donation of hundreds of books to create classroom mini-libraries in rural communities.
  • Support for dozens of sports teams, anything from uniforms and coaching to new multiuse sports courts.
  • Training workshops for men and women, to improve their skills and job prospects.