Our Approach

Empowering rural communities

At the Bacaanda Foundation we provide the materials and expertise to allow communities to achieve their own goals. We work with local leaders to help them determine their deepest areas of need then devise practical achievable solutions. We take a bottom up approach to philanthropy because we believe communities know best what they need.

Parents, teachers and other local leaders are an integral part of the planning process of our projects from start to finish. For instance, in order to have a school construction project approved the community must pledge to provide donated land for the school, enough volunteer labor to build it, and a commitment to maintain it. We supply building materials and technical expertise – an architect, engineer, master mason, plumber and electrician to guide the community volunteers. Along the way our families learn building skills while constructing a school in which they and their children can take pride.

Using natural materials and sustainable building technologies

We build the majority of our schools using green ecoblock technology. These compressed earth blocks are fireproof, soundproof, bug proof, breathable, mold proof, regulate humidity and temperature, and use locally available materials. Our community volunteers make ecoblocks using earth from the school building site combined with a small amount of cement for extra strength and durability.

Our workshop artisans use natural materials readily available in their home villages to create works of art to be sold at home or in our Tangolunda store. We believe in minimizing our environmental impact while supporting sustainable micro-industry.