Our Mission

Established in 2008, the Bacaanda Foundation is an all-volunteer organization serving people of need in rural Mexico. Our mission is to alleviate the effects of poverty through community, education and child health initiatives.

The name “Bacaanda” comes from the local Zapotec Indian word for “dream”. The Bacaanda Foundation’s goal is to turn dreams for a better future into realities. Our volunteers come from many countries and all walks of life. A Mexican gardener advises villagers about crop rotation. A Swedish retiree reads a book in Spanish to a group of small children, while a trio of American schoolgirls fit boys with soccer gear. Builders, businessmen and homemakers do what they can to help those struggling with poverty gain the tools necessary for sustained success. Our programs are designed to help local communities succeed on their own. We work in partnership with familes and village leaders to create an enviroment where families can thrive.