Our Projects

Our Projects

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Objective: Build Pre-K and Primary school with teacher's quarters

Old school before construction

Completed project

Adopters Susan James and Richard Saunders

Barrio La Unión

Objective: Supply Teacher's Furniture and Supplies

La Unión school

Local school children

Agua Hedionda

Objective: Build Teacher's Quarters

Before construction

Construction complete


Objective: Build New Teacher Training Center and Library

New site includes installation of Internet connections and new laptops

Conafe teachers and students

Construction complete

Tres de Mayo

Objective: Build Pre-K and Primary School with Teacher's Quarters

School nearing completion

School construction complete

Adopters Rick and Terri Smith with local school children

Vista Hermosa

Objective: Provide School and Sports Equipment

School adopter Ricardo Yañez

El Manantial

Objective: Build Pre-K and Primary school with Teacher's Quarters

School before renovation

After renovation

School adopters Jack and Sue Marr

Puente de Cuanjinicuil

Objective: Build Pre-K School

Original school building

After Construction

Adopters Jerry Smith and Sharon Beste

El Granadillo

• Refurbish primary school
• Build new middle school with teacher's quarters
• Create sports field for basketball and soccer
• Build Pre-K school on new lot (in planning process)

School before renovation

Work in progress

Finished school building

Pre-K School under construction

Los Olivos

Objective: Build Pre-K and Primary school with teacher's quarters

Original building

Before construction

Finished construction

Inauguration of the Los Olivos building


Objective: Refurbish teacher's quarters and repaint school

Before construction

After construction