Sports Programs

dsc_0851-copy“Thank you very much for the uniforms you sent with your friends. I have dreamed of having a well equipped team and thanks to you my teammates and I have uniforms so we can play better.” -Jose Andres, Captain of the San Felipe Lachillo Boys’ soccer team

When the children of San Felipe were asked what community improvement they wanted most the vast majority voted for soccer teams. However when training with volunteers coached started a problem emerged. Children were coming to play soccer in the only clothes they had available, in many cases flip-flops and jeans.

Thanks to generous donations made by soccer players worldwide, the Bacaanda Foundation has been able to outfit teams with uniforms, cleats, balls and other soccer equipment. Through our ongoing soccer clinics and gear donation program we are creating more opportunities for children to experience the joys of playing on a team with their friends.

At the Bacaanda Foundation we believe in the value of healthy athletics. Our programs have now expanded to include construction of community playgrounds and multiuse sports fields.