Our Schools

Although education is technically free in Mexico, the government requires a minimum number of students in a community in order for it to qualify for a state or federal school, a standard many rural villages do not meet. Unfortunately children in these small communities are often unable to reach distant public schools and the communities themselves lack the resources to undertake school construction. As a result children are attending schools that are little more than shacks, lacking in sanitation, electricity and the most basic school supplies. Despite the energy and hard work of the students and their teachers, it’s hard to do much learning under these circumstances.

The Bacaanda Foundation/El Sueño Zapoteco supports schools such as these that fall under the umbrella of the CONAFE (Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo) rural schools authority. CONAFE’s charge is to assist small communities with no access to education and which are unable to meet the Ministry of Public Education minimum by recruiting and training rural teachers. In partnership with communities and with the help of CONAFE, the Foundation identifies the most pressing needs of rural schools and works with community leaders to meet these needs.

Some of the ways in which we support rural schools:

  • Construction or rebuilding of schools, teacher’s living quarters and bathrooms.
  • Provision of school supplies and books for students and their teachers
  • Special volunteer visits to teach language, art, math or other academic skills.
  • Support of rural teachers both in their school communities and at the CONAFE regional teacher training center.
  • Construction of playgrounds and sports fields.
  • Special events to encourage and celebrate academic achievement.
  • In each of the communities we’ve visited, the parents and families were more than willing to help build and improve their schools, but they did not have the personal economic resources or technical expertise to undertake these improvements. We are looking for partners to help us give rural communities an opportunity to provide their children with the education they need to achieve their dreams.

    US donations are tax deductible through the Bacaanda Foundation. You can adopt a rural school, make a donation for a specific school, or you can contribute to the general fund that will be used for all of the schools.

    Thank you!