Adopt a School

While we always welcome smaller donations of funds or supplies, some of our donors find they would like to take on a greater role in the Foundation’s support of rural schools by “adopting” one of our rural schools.

Adopters provide funds specifically earmarked to build or rehab a building or related facility such as a library, teacher’s quarters, school garden, or playground. Many Adopters choose to be very involved in the building phase, as volunteer laborers or in other support capacities. They receive monthly financial reports on their project, are sent photos as the project progresses, and take a place of honor at the dedication of the school upon completion. Many adopters choose to have an ongoing relationship with the school through correspondence, visits and/or donations of schools supplies or enrichment materials. Adopters may take on a school individually or may form groups to raise funds to cover the needs of the project. Schools or classrooms abroad may also be adopters, becoming a sister school to a rural school in Mexico.

We welcome your interest in the Rural Schools Project and would be happy to steer you toward a school project that best fits your budget and available time.